Eating Away from Home

Rhode Island

Union Station Brewery

Never a disappointment, this is my husband and I's favorite restaurant.  If it's a beautiful warm night in the summer, and especially if there is water fire, you are sure to find us sitting outside enjoying a few drinks and some consistently great food.  My favorite dishes: Vegetable Skewers/Meatloaf


The Farm Bar and Grill  

Only eaten here one and I would recommend it until the cows come home (pun intended).  I had the pulled pork burrito and it was amazing.  The atmosphere was exactly what my family needed on a summer day, relaxed, simple and clean.  They also had a lot of seating outdoors, and an amazing ice cream stand outside that we hit up after dinner.


Maggy McFlys

I wish I still lived close to this place.  I grew up in Connecticut and this was always one of my favorite places to go.  They now have a few restaurants across the state.  The food is consistently great and the choices are endless;  I usually refer to it as a mom and pop Cheesecake Factory (with better food).  They will have anything and everything that you are looking for.
My favorite dishes: Nachos/Chicken Burrito

Montreal, Canada


This was a great find during a trip to see Formula One racing in Canada.  The brewery featured a small array of high quality beer for reasonable prices.  Additionally, the menu consisted of "snack" or smaller dishes, and an ever changing menu of about 10-15 entree dishes written on a chalkboard next to the bar.   The atmosphere was perfect for relaxing and enjoying some great foods and drinks with friends.  They were very friendly to us English speaking folks, and made sure that we understood the menu before we ordered.  Every person in our party was very happy with the food that they ordered.
My favorite dishes: Grilled Cheese with Onions/ Mixed Nuts